Gorgeous Photos - it's taken me ages to choose which ones to have!!Gill & Lorraine
Gwen, Durham, December 2008

The photos are amazing well done.
Elaine, Merseyside, November 2008

George & Neil

Thank you so much for the lovely photos, they are wonderful.
Kay, Somerset, August 2009

The "Coffee Table" Photo book is fab. Thank you.Maggie & Beccy
Pat, Blackpool, July 2007

Thank you ever so much for having the patience and skill in being our photographer,
we felt so comfortable and relaxed, and the finished product was awesome!
Maggie, Manchester, June 2007

Thank you once again for making our big day so special.Kim & Roger
Kim, East Sussex, August 2007

We have had a look at the pictures and as I said we are soooooooo pleased with them all,
thank you so much again we are so pleased and very lucky to have you on hand .Riley
Naomi, Surrey, Dec 2009

Thank you for the beautiful photos
So many of them are delicious.Sam
Kate, Brighton, Nov 2012

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